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Something fun!

Here ya go! Since I'm way bored...

First Best Friend: Lindsey somthing-or-other
First Car: (and current) Maroon 2001 Saturn
First Kiss on the lips: Doug (in preschool...)
First Real kiss: Mike
First Break up: Mike
First Screen name: kinkypink115
First Self-purchased album: The Cranberries, To The Faithful Departed
First Funeral: either my old nanny, Thelma or my cousin, David. I can't remember which came first
First Pet: Zach and Joey, a couple of rats
First Love: Mike
First Enemy: um...I don't think I've had any "enemies" I just dislike some people.
First Big Trip: England, Ireland and Scotland in 2003
First Music You Remember Hearing In Your House: The Police

Last Car Ride: Last night with Natalie and Jessie to Taco Bell
Last Kiss: Steve
Last Good Cry: A little over a week ago, when drunk.
Last Movie seen: Either 10 Things I Hate About You or I Accuse (a Lifetime movie with John Hannah)
Last Beverage drank: Coke
Last Food consumed: An apple, right at this moment
Last Crush: (and current) Steve
Last Phone Call: Sarah
Last Time Showered: 2pm today
Last Shoes Worn: Black chucks
Last Item bought: A shit load of Taco Bell.
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