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Honeymoon is over.

Wow, I thought the honeymoon period wouldn't end until at least a month. But no, it's over NOW. Miles is always talking about how he wants an open and honest relationship and wants me to talk about EVERYTHING. But then I found out that he's been a little shifty (not cheating level shifty, but damn close) and hasn't told me about it. I had to find out through my friend. I hate finding out about shit my boyfriend did through friends. It's definitely been a problem in the past. And maybe I didn't make that clear enough for Miles. He is a fucking hypocrite. I am really angry right now.
It just makes me angry at myself too because I believed all those sweet little lies he whispered to me when we were in bed. And I know that they are bullshit. I KNOW THAT. I learned the hard way sophmore year. But apparently it's not stuck in my brain cuz I keep believing them. I see men as I want to see them.
On the bright side, today is Thursday. Which means tomorrow is Friday. Which means getting trashed. I didn't want to yesterday, but today I do. Damn I would like to get trashed. Right now.
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