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Hoorah for spring break

Lovin' spring break, as of right now. Natalie seems comfortable around my family and she adores Sarah and Lydia, so that's awesome. And we're redecorating my room over the break too. I've started cleaning it, and then Natalie and I are going to paint the walls yellow. Oh, and my mum bought me these kick ass new lamps. A tall one for the floor and a shorter one for my bedside table.
Natalie and I went out to the mall today and I found this awesome green striped dress shirt that looks amazingly attractive on me. I thought of Miles when I bought it because he always wears these dress shirts he looks so hot in. I miss him. It's just not the same sleeping in a bed all by myself.
On the 29th, it will be two months that we've been dating. That's a crazy thought. But we promised each other we weren't going to start celebrating anniversaries until four months. Because during your first three months of dating, your body emits these hormones that just make you crazy about the other person (for the sake of reproduction, i suppose.) But after three months, your body stops producing those hormones, so that's when you decide whether you want to really be with that person. Hence, the celebrating-the-four-months-anniversary things.
Anyways, I've got some more cleaning to do, so I'll end this.
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