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So, I rearranged my room last night. All by myself! (Well, except the bedframe. I needed Jessie's help with that because it's impossible to move with just one person. Otherwise it'll fall apart.) But I moved everything else and took apart my bedframe (which was really hard) and moved my heavy ass desk. I felt like an Amazon warrior. Ai-ai-ai-ai-ai!!
So, what I did with the bed was I kept Allie's lofted bedframe and moved it in front of the double windows but I took down her mattress and mine and stuck them on the floor under the bedframe. And I'm going to drap some pretty cloth across the top of the frame, so it's like a canopy bed. I'm PSYCHED! Only down side is I need queen-sized sheets to fit over both mattresses. And right now, I don't have them. And the mattresses keep sliding apart so Miles and I are still sleeping on just one mattress.
I'm also just glad because Allie is gone. We were both so passive aggressive towards one another. It was ridiculous (or ridonkulous, to quote Jessie.) And after she was so loathe to loan me her car when I needed to go to the hospital @ 5am, and the things she told other people afterwards, like I was such a burden on her when I was so sick (and I never once asked her to take care of me. I didn't bother her at all. I just lay comatose in my bed for three days straight.) I just felt like she honestly didn't care about me at all. And when I feel that way, I get bitchy in a passive aggressive way. I did a couple bitchy things to her that won't be mentioned here because, well, I'm a little ashamed. But so vindicated.
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