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Bingefest by myself...

Yeah, one of those days where I'm just gonna lock myself in my room and eat. Sounds healthy, right? But I really honestly don't care right now. Feeling annoyed by everyone right now. Maybe I'm being oversensitive but it feels like it's Diss-on-Meagan day. Yeah, not so much fun. So I came back from the c-store with a crap load of food and I put my mac and cheese (dinner) in Laura's fridge and Jessie was like "Where have YOU been?" and I felt like saying "None of your damn business" but instead I just said "The C-store." And then I said (just trying to make small talk) "They have cookie dough at the c-store. I'm psyched!" And Jessie said, "Did you get some?" And I said, "Yeah" and she was like "You know you're totally giving me some." And I just didn't like her tone. So I said " Sorry but this is one of those binge days" and shut myself in my room. But now I'm feeling guilty cuz she's shared cookie dough with me before, so I'm gonna go over there and stick it in the fridge and tell them to help themselves, but don't finish it. Anyways, that's all. I kinda like being isolated right now. I'm diggin' it.
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