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i don't even know why i'm still on this thing...

mostly for natalie and becky (if you still check it. probably not.) and alex.
update: classes are cool for right now. i'm bored out of my mind. i should be reading for my "indigenous people of latin america" class but the book hasn't gotten here yet. gulp.
my dad had surgery on his foot this past winter. they chopped half of it off. we like to call him "gimpy" and "stumpy" and nicknames of that nature, which, i guess sounds pretty callous of us, but if so, you don't know my family that well. hell, he started it.
i've washed my hands of boys. too much f-ing work.
i'm going to an internship fair in april. hopefully i'll get a job in chicago cuz it'd be pretty freakin sweet to live there.
made some new friends. they're all boys. and they don't notice when i'm pretty, which sucks, but they're fun to hang out with.
i miss a lot of the people from last year.
it's still cold here. damn.
that's all. see, my life is boring to everyone except me. and even i get bored sometimes. like right now.
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