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Walking in Circles

A Journey 'Round my Mind

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Born in the capital of Iowa, Meagan is a bright young woman who aspires to make her living by writing funny and inspiring tales of everyday life ("in short, the greatest tales ever told" -Waking Life, a film by Richard Linklater.) She plans on moving to Dublin (that's Ireland, not Ohio) as soon as she graduates from Knox College, where she currently resides. Her hobbies include theatre, filmmaking (as well as watching,) hanging out with her buddies (L-Hizzle, Becckers, Allie Gallie, Gnats and G-Spot) and protesting the government's sanctioning of abstinance only sexual education programs. After much resistance, she finally gave in and got this live journal but "only to keep up with my friends from Des Moines" she says. "Really."